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        Tullahoma wins Coffee Cup for second straight year

        Jan 22, 2024

        Sports Writer

        The Tullahoma High School girls’ soccer team dominated Coffee County Thursday 9-0 to keep possession of the Coffee Cup.

        McLayne Bobo was the star of the show as she tallied a double hat-trick. Bobo kicked in six of her team’s nine goals. She had her first hat trick with 32 minutes still left in the first half. She added another two in the next 12 minutes of play, giving her five goals with 20 minutes left in the first half of play. Catelynn Ballard assisted on the first goal. Bobo scored the second goal after the goalkeeper struggled to get the ball away. Alexis Chamblee assisted on the third goal. Avery Sisk assisted on the fourth and the fifth was another unassisted goal. Chamblee scored the last goal of the first half off of an assist from Gracie Martin. The Lady Wildcats took a 6-0 lead into the half. Bobo got her sixth goal, giving her two hat-tricks with the team’s first goal of the second half on an assist from Ballard. Avery Sisk added the eighth goal for the team off of a Bobo assist and Brindley Duncan walked the match off for Tullahoma with the ninth goal with an assist from Josalyn Garcia.

        Thursday was FirstBank Student Night and all students got into the match for free, thanks to FirstBank. The Lady Wildcats hosted Webb Tuesday, but game results were not available at press time. They are back in action Thursday when they host LEAD Academy at 6 p.m.

        Sports Writer

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