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        High-quality components, thorough quality assurance policies.

        Cup of Kava offers botanicals, tea, kombucha and coffee to satisfy Clarksville tastes

        Jan 30, 2024

        Cup of Kava is a unique destination for those seeking a relaxed cafe experience. They take pride is serving kava in its purest form, just as its been enjoyed for centuries, and they offer a diverse selection of drinks and flavors each with their own taste.

        Cup of Kava ensures that their drinks are of the highest quality, delivering the best experience to their valued customers. Whether you’re looking for a moment of solitude or shared company there’s something for everyone.

        They are located at 138 University Ave. and can be reached at 931-378-7068 or by email at [email protected]. Visit Cup of Kava today!

        Clarksville's premier kava bar and botanical lounge, with organic drinks and weekly specials. Come vibe with us!

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